My Purpose

My Purpose
So why do I do what I do…?
The truth is I simply want to inspire and help others.
Before I started competing or started Fitness Diaries, I was not a professional bodybuilder, a fitness model, or a nutritionist. I was just a normal guy living a normal fit lifestyle with a passion for health and fitness.
For years, I wanted to start writing about my quest for health and fitness so I can try to motivate others to do the same. I want people to know that anyone is capable of living a healthier and happier lifestyle. Like I said before, I am just a normal guy, but it is my passion for health and fitness that separates me from others who find it difficult to live a healthy and fit lifestyle.
Before I started working out, I was dealing with a lot of personal issues, and for years I fought with anger, depression, and suicide. It wasn’t until I discovered fitness when I started turning my life around. In the end, fitness saved my life. So I decided to share my story to inspire others with similar issues (and even people without any, who just find it difficult to live a healthier lifestyle) to try and use the gift of health and fitness to better themselves and the lives they live.
I soon realized I did not want to stop there. I wanted to use my knowledge and experience to help others, which is why I started Fitness Diaries Online Coaching. It is not only my opportunity to motivate, but it allows me to directly help individuals achieve their fitness goals and dreams.
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